Convertible Bonds

Moze ktos jest zainteresowany. Agency jest przyzwoita.

I am guessing it is for Barclays Capital.



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Hello Marek,

Thank you for taking my call earlier today.  Ashley told me you would be a great person to reach out to. I recently started working at Teksystems. I would really appreciate your help with the position that I am currently working on. I am currently unable to find a candidate. I am going to attach the job description below. Please feel free to forward the information to anyone that you think would be a good fit.

Mark Boyle.
Convertible Bonds business is a part of growing Equity division with trading hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong. Convertible Bonds development teams are located in New York, London and Prague.

We develop and maintain Convertible Bonds trading and research applications. Our primary users are Traders, Sales and Research teams. Important part of our work is day to day interaction with business users. This is a great opportunity to get insight into very interesting part investment banking business, which is growing even in current times.

Global Convertible Bonds IT development team is relatively small with great relationships among team members (~12 software developers). Every member of the team participates in requirements gathering and analysis as well as architecture and design decisions as per his or her expertise and interests. Developers from all three locations interact on a daily basis and everyone’s voice is heard. Our team follows Scrum – agile development methodology with its sprints, planning, regular releases and daily scrums.

Applications we develop and maintain are critical for Barclays Convertible Bond business and business continuity is therefore an important aspect of our work. We emphasise code quality and with every release we devote some time to do code re-factoring and improving code coverage. Our builds are supervised by Team City Continuous Integration server.

Skills Required:

·         Core Java, multi-threading, Spring Framework, Hibernate

·         Expertise with .NET front-end/ C#

·         Messaging layer using (TIBCO RV / Solace)

·         Build and deployment processes including use of Maven, TeamCity

·         Understanding of Oracle Coherence – distributed in memory caching solution or similar technology

·         Reasonable understanding of Oracle or similar DB and SQL knowledge

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