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…Mainframes Run the World!
– 92 of the world’s top 100 Banks use Mainframes
– 23 of the world’s top 25 retailers use Mainframes
– All of the world’s top 10 Insurers use Mainframes
– They Handle 90% of all Credit Cards Transactions
– They Hold 80% of the world’s Business Data
– They Run 30 Bilion transactions a day
– 71% of Fortune 500 Companies use Mainframes.

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Hi Jurek,

Mike Barr gave me your name. I am a recruiter and am recruiting for the attached position.
Please let me know if you are interested.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Donna Tucci

Mainframe Support Consultant MM15820051

12 Month Contract

Springfield/Boston, MA – Full Remote Available

As an experienced member of this Technical Support Team you will be responsible for maintaining the health and stability of homegrown, on premise vendor solutions, and integration with Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor applications.   The ideal candidate must have an eye towards customer service, a working knowledge of a wide range of technologies, and be an active participant in technology discussions, operational support, and business impact analysis.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to be used across multiple mediums (i.e. conference calls, Teams, Slack, meeting minutes, etc.) when working with both technical and non-technical audiences located in multiple geographic locations
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and grasp concepts quickly
  • Demonstrated sharp, analytical, problem solving, and decision-making skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated ability to address multiple priorities (i.e. ad hoc requests and escalated support issues) in a fast-paced, collaborative environment


  • MF application Support (COBOL, JCL, CA-7, DB2, SQL, VSAM, Endevor, Eztrieve, CICS, SFTP, MFT, Ideal/Datacom etc.)
  • Knowledge of monitoring, scheduling, ticketing and integration tools (i.e. TWS Maestro, Informatica, ServiceNow, Jira and xMatters)
  • Experience with multiple Software Development Lifecycles (SDLC), ie. Agile, Waterfall, etc.
  • Desire to hone technical skills and develop business acumen with the goal of becoming an SME in support of this business area a plus
  • Experience in Insurance and/or financial services industry is a plus
  • Familiarity with WebMethods  is a plus
  • Minimum 5 to 10 years of experience

Education: Bachelors degree required.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Support multiple business applications running on multiple technologies
  • Implement application and/or environment changes to ensure application availability
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues with any component of the application or infrastructure using Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Knowledge Data Bases (KDB)
  • Resolve production problems/issues and batch abends to ensure timely availability of product onlines for business use within the given service level agreement, and provide day to day support for existing systems
  • Perform [code changes] and/or testing of changes associated with systems
  • Create test plans to verify logic of new or modified programs and conduct unit testing, system testing and regression testing to validate the code modifications
  • Plan and assist in migration of code between different environments, and participate in production implementations
  • Client interaction including query resolution for business partners
  • Perform daily health check of all environments
  • Help users develop and/or enhance reports for meaningful application results/metrics
  • Identify opportunities to automate repetitive processes increasing efficiency
  • Orchestrate cross infrastructure teamwork groups to resolve or enhance system performance, address incidents, and/or execute regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Communicate and collaborate with other application support teams’ technical resources and stakeholders regarding status, technical issue resolution, and/or creative problem solving
  • Monitor system usage for adherence to security, compliance, or audit requirements.
  • Administer, monitor, and maintain system security.
  • Build client trust and respect, establish client relationships, and develop rapport with multiple business partners.
  • Participate and engage in all team meetings.
  • Document best practices and operational procedures
  • Facilitate continuous improvement within the environment.
  • Review the platform for cost savings.
  • Rollout operational changes and functional enhancements as per schedule
  • Manage and develop team capability for resolving complex incidents.
  • prepare status reports for Customers and internal stakeholders WITH the objective of resolving incidents and addressing adhoc requests to support high complex issues WITHIN THE LIMITS OF predefined corporate guidelines.
  • Stakeholder Management Communication with Business users related to resolving queries obtain clarifications and providing updates.
  • Setup Business bridge calls to update status of Critical incidents.
  • Outages Follow up with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Customer and Vendor liaison to progress tickets to resolution

Mainframe Excellence 2025


Wbrew pozorom i plotkom sprzed roku 2000 mainframe ma sie nie tylko dobrze, ale caly czas sie rozwija.

W zalaczeniu link do „najnowszej plotki”, ktora przewiduje rozwoj mainframe’a na najblizsze 10 lat (conajmniej).




This is an interesting article about the current and future state of the Mainframe. Definitely worth the read for those working on the mainframe and also for those that don’t.

The author is Chris O’Malley.


Chris O’Malley: He is the CEO of Compuware. With nearly 30 years of IT experience, he is deeply committed to leading Compuware’s transformation into the “mainframe software company for the next 50 years.” His past positions include CEO of VelociData, CEO of Nimsoft, EVP of CA’s Cloud Products & Solutions and EVP/GM of CA’s Mainframe business unit, where he led the successful transformation of that division.


The article is a little longer than most but he makes some interesting observations that I think are worth the read. I pulled a few highlights and added them below.

The first was surprising to me and the last will get a good chuckle out of some.


The article link is at the bottom of this email but is also attached in a pdf. The article is on pages 18-31 in the pdf.


  • Despite rumors to the contrary, the world still runs on mainframes. More than 220 billion lines of mainframe application code are in use today, and five billion more are added every year.
    Over 1.15 million CICS transactions are executed on System z every second of every day.
    That’s more than all Google searches, YouTube views, Facebook likes and Twitter tweets combined.
  • And the mainframe cannot be simply imagined away. Studies confirm that most large enterprises expect to continue relying on their mainframes for at least another 10 years—and that their economic value will extend well beyond 2025.
    This longevity is no accident. No other platform or set of platforms comes close to delivering the performance, scalability, reliability or security of the mainframe. None offers a lower marginal cost. Nor has any other platform come close to demonstrating a similar ability to adapt to the changes in the world around it decade after decade.
  • The mainframe platform is not only unique technically. It is also unique culturally. This culture is characterized by a rigorous adherence to a standard of excellence demonstrably higher than that associated with other platforms. IT organizations actually expect and plan for problems and patches in other platforms.
    Mainframe applications and system programmers, on the other hand, expect and demand perfection


Link to article: